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How long will the COVID-19 virus stay on hand gloves?
How long will the COVID-19 virus stay on hand gloves?
On plastic gloves, the virus can live for 2-3 days. If you are using latex or nitrile gloves, it is best to discard them after use and wash your hands immediately as you might have been exposed to the virus.
What's your take on Americans rallying against lockdown?
In our personal opinion, rallying against the lockdown creates some really serious health concerns for COVID-19. Coming together in such large groups to protest a government's handling of the virus completely goes against the purpose of social distancing and can cause new pockets of the virus to flare up, and that's really unsafe because it allows for the virus to continue spreading to vulnerable populations. We understand that staying in lockdown for a long time is deteriorating to both mental health and the economy, but we also recognize that enforcing lockdown is for the greater good of the community. We also understand that America is a country based on personal rights, liberties, and freedoms, but taking that concept and interpreting it as "we have the freedom to assemble in a large group during the pandemic which could result in spreading the virus to vulnerable populations" really is not the kind of mindset this country is built upon. This kind of interpretation is dangerous and selfish, and it's important to consider all the lives you could be affecting when you make the decision to rally against lockdown procedures.
What's your take on Americans rallying against the lockdown?
Why America is getting record number of deaths?
The reason for America's record number of deaths can really be directly connected to one thing: our government's handling of the virus. COVID-19 was not taken seriously by the Trump administration in its early days and no measures were taken to prevent the spread of the virus or stock up on key medical equipment. Only when the virus had already gripped the population and was spreading quickly were nationwide lockdown procedures put in place. Doctors had warned that we did not have enough medical equipment to handle the pandemic, but government officials did not listen, and the severe lack of supplies has made it increasingly difficult for some hospitals to treat their patients. In addition, many have made it a point to not follow strict social distancing protocol (see the anti-lockdown rallies around America), and when people go against these policies, they seriously endanger themselves and the people around them. This just allows for the virus to spread even more, and as the virus hits vulnerable populations, more deaths occur. This can further be explained by the size of vulnerable populations in America. There simply were a lot of people whose previous conditions made it very hard for their bodies to fight COVID-19, and since the virus was not controlled early on, some of these people unfortunately caught the virus and passed away. Finally, state governors were given a lot of responsibility in the handling of this pandemic because the federal government did virtually nothing. Some of these state governors have done a wonderful job guiding their states and protecting their citizens, but without smart, focused, and well-developed direction from the federal government, it was difficult for some states to get all of their citizens to comply.

Why is America getting a record number of deaths?

What are the complications of COVID-19 infections?
What are the complications of COVID-19 infections?
Some complications of COVID-19 infections include secondary infections that are unrelated to the virus, pneumonia, strokes, respiratory failure, and injury to other organs such as the kidney, liver, or heart. There have also been complications related to blood clotting, and some children have struggled with a syndrome connected to the virus. Some have been having skin-related issues. A more detailed explanation can be found on the WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW page.
Do we really need lockdowns and destroy the economy and people's honest living?
Do we really need to enforce lockdowns and destroy the economy and people's honest living?

Though lockdowns are having negative impacts on the economy, it is important for people to stay home and flatten the curve. If everyone was still working, we would have lost so many more people and had even more confirmed cases. Right now, it is easy to see how the lockdowns are inhibiting us from regular life but it's a small price to pay to keep everyone safe. Obviously some are more fortunate than others during this time but it is the best choice in this scenario as proved by past pandemics. You can see the benefits of social distancing and lockdowns in states like New York, where they have seen a significant reduction in cases coming into hospitals after strict lockdown procedures. We understand that hindering the economy can lead to suffering for some people because less money can lead to less resources. However, states that are opening up now can already see spikes in the number of cases they have, and the prospect of a second wave could really damage a lot of human lives. For these reasons, we personally think protecting the health of American citizens should be our top priority before we fix the economy.

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