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It's time to take action. On this page, you'll find just how you can contact local and national government officials to make a real change in the way our world runs after the pandemic. If you haven't already, please take some time to read the articles on the "What COVID-19 has Revealed" page so you know some of the issues the government should address. In addition, we're providing some organizations at the bottom of this page that you can donate to.


In light of recent events, we have curated a page that is dedicated to the fight against racism. Discrimination and police brutality in this country has gone too far, and the time to demand justice is now. We're going to provide tons of resources ranging from instructions on how to insist for change to organizations fighting against racism that you can donate to. Please consider visiting this page as we cannot let this racism continue occurring in our country. Please join the fight.

The 2020 election is coming up, and that means it is almost time to vote. Voting in the midst of COVID-19 is a scary, overwhelming experience. Because of this, we are arranging all the resources you will need to vote in Virginia.



Let's figure out who your representative is. Take a look at the website for the House of Representatives (link is down below) and you can figure out who your representative is. It's important we find this information because your representative can take your ideas to the government and enact change with them.

Find your representative! 


Now, let's find out who your senator is. Check out the link below. It's equally important that you know who your senator is because they can take your ideas to the government and enact change with them just as your representative can. 

Find your senator!


All senators and representatives should have a website for them. On their websites, you should be able to find a page of contact information. Some may have a section where you can submit an email to them, while others may have sections where you can send comments to them. For some, you may even be able to send a physical letter. It varies from site to site. Find out how best you can contact them. This will be important for drafting your letter or email. Here is what the contact page looks like on a representative's website (this is Abigail Spanberger's site, who represents Virginia's 7th District):

abigail spanberger.PNG


Draft your letter or email. We're going to provide a template for you in case you need one. Try to get straight to the point, as many people in the government receive a lot of mail and only have so much time to read it all. Mention your issue and what you would like your senator or representative to do about it. If you are still not sure what issue you want your senator or representative to address, check out the "What COVID-19 has Revealed" page for some ideas. 


Hit send on your email or put your letter in the mail! Congratulations, you have officially contacted your government official and done your part to make a real change in our country's future! We're incredibly, incredibly proud of you.

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