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‘Disturbing and cruel.’ Universities blast new visa rule for international students 


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how is covid-19 Affecting the world right now?


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Reports of first case of coronavirus

An ophthalmologist alerted other doctors of a SARS like illness. However, he was later arrested for spreading rumors.

27 cases of viral pneumonia in Wuhan

Wuhan closed down Huanan seafood marker as it was thought to have been a common factor among first cases/WHO sets up the Incident Management Support Team to deal with the outbreak

WHO shares guidance on “how to detect, test, and manage potential cases” to all countries”

China reported first death of this illness

The genetic sequence of the coronavirus is shared by China

Thailand confirmed first coronavirus case (first case outside of China)

Chinese officials recognized that China was facing an epidemic. Days later, a mass banquet was held in Wuhan (with thousands of people)

The CDC implemented screenings at SFO, JFK, LAX, ATL, and ORD airports

First case of Coronavirus in US. At this point, there were 548 cases in China and 6 deaths.

Wuhan goes into lock down

Three confirmed cases in Europe. Dr. Fauci tells America, “risk is low”

Coronavirus task force says US has been monitoring since December

195 Americans become first passengers returning form China. They were screened in the airports.

The coronavirus outbreak is declared a global health emergency/the first “person-to-person transmission case is reported in Chicago, Illinois

The US declares a public health emergency. In over 50 years, it was the first quarantine order by the government 

A death in the Philippines makes the first fatality outside China

The Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan is released by The WHO to protect states with weaker health systems

The arrested doctor from Wuhan dies from virus

The WHO announces coronavirus is to be formally known as COVID-19

An American in China dies of virus/the WHO hosted a Research and Innovation Forum to discuss COVID-19

The CDC prepares for COVID-19 to become a pandemic

Italy goes into lockdown

A US person was found to have gotten infected without visiting a foreign country or having contact with an infected person/Mike Pence announced to lead coronavirus response

CDC to address flawed test kits. The criteria for testing increased.

The FDA opens up new testing technologies at facilities around the nation

US cases rises to 100

Trump says “anybody that wants a test can get test”

The WHO declares the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic/Trump announces travel ban on Europe

Dr. Fauci says the US’s health care system is “failing”

The pandemic is declared a nation emergency by Trump/WHO launched the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to receive donations

Social distancing guidelines were set for 15 days in the US

The Defense Production Act is called upon in order to produce critical equipment/Reports show how long virus can live on certain surfaces 

CDC reports that all ages are at risk/Solidarity Trial is launched by WHO, which is an international clinical trial in order to find the “most effective treatments”

US hits 10,000 cases

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are postponed.

The US becomes the world's most infected country

The $2 Trillion stimulus package is signed by Trump

The CDC requests NY, NJ, and CT to avoid nonessential travel for 2 weeks

Trump extends social distancing guideline until April 30th

The worldwide total confirmed cases surpasses 1M

VDV advises the use of face masks

After 76 days, Wuhan’s lockdown is lifted

2,000+ people die to mark US’s deadliest day

US becomes country with the most coronavirus deaths after surpassing Italy

Every US state reports at least one death/Trump stops funding WHO


KE, OK, NC, and MI have protests over stay at home orders

TN, SC and GA announce plans to reopen

FDA approves LabCorp’s home testing kits which allows people to send their nasal swabs

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